Discover our new MintBlow flavour cards


1. Insert the card… you know where : )

2. Wait about 20 minutes.

3. The more you wait the more intensive the flavor will be.

4. Done! Enjoy your favorite product!


Your own flavour of life

Polish manufacturer

We are a Polish manufacturer and we support Polish economy.
Premium paper made of 100% cellulose fibers that absorb the smell and retains its rigidity.
For multiple use.
Minimalist and distinctive packaging.
We offer card production on request.
The natural food flavours; each of them has a quality certificate.
Guarantee of the highest quality.
Strong barrier foil that extends the expiration date.
We provide sales support and advertising materials.


Your own flavour of life

Find us in selected stores, petrol stations and supermarkets in Poland.

We encourage you to wholesale orders!

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If the Mintblow still has not hit your shop shelves, there is no time to lose! We provide our business partners with marketing support in the form of materials which will help to expose the advantages of the cards.

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We encourage you to wholesale orders!

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